Let’s Make it a Home

In April we celebrated a historical milestone when we broke ground on a new animal shelter for our community. Today, we are kicking off a housewarming campaign to transform this new facility from a house to a home.

The goal is to move into the new building early next year, but before that can happen items are needed that will provide the comforts and care our animals deserve. Whether it is soft dog beds, furniture for meet and greet rooms or climbing shelves for active kitties, it is all needed. And, together we can make it happen.

Learn more, view our interactive floorplan and give a housewarming gift today by visiting http://www.unleashbc.com/

When we started this journey to build a new shelter, we knew there would be community support behind this endeavor. What we didn’t know was how strong that support would be. Together we built the house and together we can make it a home!