Project Update October 2019

Here is latest update on progress, both with fundraising and with the actual building project.

The Financials
o    Updated total raised: $2,807,928 in pledge
     o    Updated total received to-date: $2,043,095

We are exploring every potential of giving to meet our goal of $3.2 million. Recently, we have requested funds from:

     –  County Council as well as the Town Council.
     –  Grants through several local and national Foundations
     –  Tabling at the County Courthouse during October
     –  Meeting one-on-one with potential donors
     –  Public mailings and emails to past supporters, adopters, government employees as well as others connected with BCHS

The Building Process
–  Land survey and title work are complete
     –  Engineers, BCHS representatives and County officials met to discuss state application process, building permits, septic, HVAC systems and building site prep.
     –  Currently working on wrapping up the Design Development Phase, which includes floorplans, finishes, mechanical systems, etc.
     –  The next phase will be to complete construction documents needed to put the project out for bidding to contractors.
     –  Once those are complete, builders can be hired and construction can begin

The Big Question – when will you see dirt moving?
At this time, unfortunately, we do not have a firm answer. We want to ensure we are being diligent in completing each step fully. We are not able to move dirt until the contractors are hired, which cannot happen until construction documents are complete. Everything is moving along, it just takes time to complete each step.

What you can do to help us meet our goal
Our biggest request is to spread the word about our campaign with everyone you know. In order to hit our goal, we need to reach everyone willing to hear our message. That is where you come in!
     – Like our capital campaign Facebook page (Unleash Brown County) and share any posts from that page
     – Send emails to friends and family with information about our campaign
     – Host a party at your house to promote our campaign. A BCHS board or staff member will help you plan the evening and attend to share details with your guests. Call Megan at (317) 946-8235 to learn more.