The Current Shelter is No Longer Viable

When you enter the shelter, you are immediately aware the extraordinary love and devotion of the volunteers and staff for the pets in their care.

You are also aware of the absolutely declining condition of the facility — poor design, too small space, inadequate ventilation, and an overall inefficient building to heat, cool and care for so many animals.

As the facility has aged, expenses have increased due to costly repairs and equipment failures. Continuing with a patchwork of fixes is not the best use of our donors’ investments.


Outside Kennel
The outside kennel area has cracks in the sidewalk and the kennel walls are shifting and rusted.
The only office is used for two staff, storage, files and the occasional cat or dog.
The lobby area has multiple uses: adoptions, overflow cats, surrenders, behavior assessments…
Inside Kennels
Inside kennels have dogs facing. They are dark and difficult to clean.
Public areas are often used for overflow pets and storage.
Cat Kennel Cleaning
Cat condos are difficult to clean because they are tall and cramped.
Expensive travel crates have to be cleaned and stored outdoors, causing them to deteriorate more quickly.
Deteriorating Infastructure
Doors, floors, wood and metal are deteriorating, making them difficult to clean and santitize properly.
Cat Isolation Room
The only thing separating healthy stray or feral cats from sick cats is a shower curtain.


Despite the limitations of our current facility, BCHS has acquired a first-class reputation for our high-quality animal care and innovative programs…programs we’ve been asked to share with animal welfare advocates across the nation.

We can do so much more.